Join the Campaign to outlaw cruel training gadgets
Our fellow Dog Listener, Robin Glover, has started an E-Petition to the Government to outlaw cruel training gadgets that are sold to be used on our canine companions.
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An afternoon with the Dog Listeners
Jan Fennell and her son, Tony Knight, visited the Charter Hall in Colchester, Essex on Saturday 7th October 2006 and hosted “An Afternoon with the Dog Listeners”. Jan & Tony shared their knowledge
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Press release Jan Fennell the Dog Listener March 2006
Sadly, almost daily, our Team are told of the most dreadful practices inflicted on dogs and their Carers, from jerking dogs
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International Day of the Dog
International Day of the Dog celebrates its second year this year, and will be held on Sunday 29th April 2007. Last year’s campaign was to “Stop the Bullying of dogs and their owners”
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Your dog is a dog, not a human, so why use human language? Whatever the age or breed of your dog, I can teach you to communicate with them using their own language.
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