Help to stop the cruel trade of Puppy Farms

If you are thinking of buying a new puppy, please make sure you do your research beforehand. There are so many people who, unknowingly, buy a puppy who has come from puppy farms. These puppies are usually in poor health and suffer behavioural problems from a young age.

In these awful places the dogs are kept in isolation, given minimum food and water, they have little veterinary care and no affection, exercise or stimulation. There are bred until they are worn out, and when they are of no more use they are killed.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts if you are thinking of buying a new puppy:


Make sure you do your research before buying a puppy, and know what type of dog would fit in with your family and lifestyle.
Make sure you find a reputable breeder.
Alternatively, contact one of the registered dog rescue centres or breed clubs.
Always visit the breeder’s home/kennels, to see the puppy’s environment firsthand and make sure you see the puppy with its mother and siblings. If the breeder doesn’t want you to visit their home and suggests you meet halfway, then walk away.

Make sure you check all paperwork for registration and health checks, for both the mother and father of the puppies. All good breeders will be happy to provide you with these documents.

If you become aware of a puppy farm or dealer, please report them to your vet, your local council, the Kennel Club or any of the registered dog rescue centres.

Rather than a puppy, consider giving a rescue dog a good home. There are thousands of dogs in rescue needing homes throughout the country.


Buy a puppy online, from a newspaper or at a reduced price.
Buy a puppy from anyone who advertises many different breeds, all year around.
Buy a puppy from a pet shop.
Buy a puppy on impulse.

For more information please visit the links below:

Please help educate your friends and family and make them aware of this awful trade.

Click a poster to download today:


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