Angela, Grace & Jake

I've always loved German shepherds & had my first German Shepherd Grace from a puppy. At the age of only 5 months she started to develop quite a few issues. She would pull on the lead especially to meet other dogs. She would also bark at most things and it was hard to calm her down. By the time she was about 8 months things got worse & my parents couldn't walk her as she would bark as soon as they stepped out of the front door. Walks were not enjoyable unless she was walked in open spaces. She also seemed stressed most of the time. I went down the route of training classes & used traditional methods such as getting Grace to heel using a half check. She would be great in the training class but then pull me out of the hall. I read a lot of psychology dog books but most had conflicting theories. I spent a lot of money on training & behaviourists but still nothing changed.

I read the dog listener after my mum saw a small article in the newspaper about the book. I had read so many books that I thought I might as well read this one. The dog listener made sense & was quite easy to follow. I then went onto the website & found out that there were dog listeners around the world doing consultations. I got in touch with Julie who was in my area. I talked through Grace's problems over the phone & Julie came round to do a consultation. I couldn't believe what lengths Grace went to so that she could get Julie's attention as she'd never been ignored before. It showed me how important eye contact was. Julie explained to not take her out for walks & that we were giving her a lot of eye contact. Also if there was a noise I would look at her rather than her looking at me for leadership. When I first started using Jan's methods I was doing the four areas but still incorporating some of the traditional methods I had learnt over time. It was only when I followed her method consistently that things fell into place. I can now enjoy walking her again. She heels really well & if she gets worried about a noise she looks up at me to see if I'm concerned. She seems a lot more relaxed. When I got my second German shepherd puppy Jake I put in place Jan's methods straight away. It has been great to get it right from the start. I was so interested in learning the language of the canine that I have completed the foundation & advanced course & am now working towards being a dog listener. What really helped me was the backup for life. I have phoned Julie many times & she has always been there to answer my questions. It's good to know there is someone at the end of the phone to help. It's not a quick fix but a way of life & I need to keep giving my dogs the correct signals to keep them happy & stress free.

If you are looking for help with your dog please make sure you contact a qualified Jan Fennell Dog Listener who chooses to work under the Quality Control system. If in any doubt, please contact our office direct at or through the website

Your dog is a dog, not a human, so why use human language? Whatever the age or breed of your dog, I can teach you to communicate with them using their own language.
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