Jan Fennell - The Dog Listener Jan Fennell is the internationally renowned author of several best selling books including "The Dog Listener" and "The Seven Ages of your Dog". Through these books she has shared her discovery of the canine language helping us all to see the world through our dogs’ eyes. Her method of communicating with dogs she calls “Amichien Bonding®” is a holistic approach to dog behaviour and training, where kindness and cooperation are paramount.

A lifetime passion for dogs led Jan to question traditional obedience training techniques, as no matter how gentle or kind the approach, by controlling the dog’s actions this means forcing the human will onto the dog. This force will only serve to stifle the dog’s real personality.

After seeing the great horseman, Monty Roberts in action in 1989, Jan began to formulate a way of working with dogs using their own language. Extensive study of wolves, wild dogs and coyotes helped Jan determine what previously had been missing in her work, and with the help of her own dogs Jan devised Amichien Bonding® – a refreshingly holistic approach to dog behaviour.

Amichien® Bonding is a way of working and living with our dogs to help them find their place within our pack, and to encourage them to elect us as leaders of their own free will. In the wild, the hierarchy of the wolf pack is constantly reinforced through the use of highly ritualised behaviour. Amichien Bonding® allows us (the owners) to mimic this by giving calm and consistent signals to the dogs every day.

Unlike gadget-based dog training or traditional obedience methods, Amichien Bonding® is not dog training; it is a natural way of communicating with your dog that creates an environment where your dog will want to work with you of its own free will. It is simple, effective and involves no pain, no force, no shouting, no violence and no expensive gadgets.

By using Amichien® Bonding you will be able to move into the wonderful world in which your dog will WANT to cooperate with you, of his own free will, not because he is forced to.

Please take a look at the clip below for a snippet of what to expect...

Your dog is a dog, not a human, so why use human language? Whatever the age or breed of your dog, I can teach you to communicate with them using their own language.
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